President’s Message


This past term had been an exceptional and non-traditional one. We had our Memorandum and Articles revised to suit the situation that we were facing. We had ratified the term of office from one-year term to two-year term. Thanks to the Members of the Executive Committee and Sub-Committee who had been so devoted to be involved in the businesses of the Association out of their busy schedule. It was because the back office employees, a group that the LOMA Society members were mainly belong to, in the life insurance and the financial services industry were working very long hours.



  • Legal Aspects Related to Underwriting and Claims, conducted by Lawyer Mr. Robin Ho.
  • How Does Insurance Help in Business Succession Planning, conducted by our Legal Adviser, Mrs. Christine Koo
  • Overview of Bancassurance in China, conducted by Miss Juliana Lam, Head of Sales & Distribution (Bancassurance), HSBC Life Insurance company limited
  • Health Insurance, conducted by Mr. Trevor Chan


Modernized the Association’s website to include practical functions such as sending out and receiving emails with the capacity of analyzing the data and activities that were involved.

Outside Exchanges

  • 廣州交流團 – Organized by 香港中聯辦
    • 會見廣州市領導、金融辦及港澳辦 (座談會)
    • 探訪保險協會及保險公司
    • 到南沙參觀(由當地政府陪同)
    • 到佛山參觀 (由當地政府陪同)
  • Visited Ping An University, Shenzhen – Organized by Hong Kong Securities Institute
    • 面訪平安金融培訓學院副校長鄭舜文
    • 由鄭副校長帶領參觀平安金融培訓學院
  • 廣州國情研習班
    • 廣州行政學院
      • 創新發展模式— 廣州經濟社會發展模式轉型初步研究
      • 廣州經濟發展概況
    • 深化行政管理體制改革與服務型政府建設
    • 拜訪廣州保監委員會
    • 廣州市青年聯合會宴請

Local Industrial Activities

  • Insurance Financial Planners Alliance (IFPA) The IFPA’s members were LUA, GAMA, HKCII, GIAHK, IFAA, all of them were front line people while LOMA Society represented the back office associates that work in companies relating to these associations. Its major aim was to voice out the concerns of the insurance and financial advisers in one voice especially to the regulators. Some of the major issues that the Alliance had been working on were: Independent Insurance Authority and Disclosure of Commission. LOMA Society played a neutral role that gave out its views and concerns of the back office employees in the IFPA.
  • Visited Office of Commissioner of Insurance
  • Visited the office of Hon. K.P. Chan, Member of Legislative Council, Insurance Constituency
  • Participated numerous activities organized by other insurance and financial services associations with the purpose of keeping in touch with them and making LOMA Society known to them.

Government works

  • Participated as a Member of the Insurance Training Board of the Vocational Training Council
  • Participated as a Member of the Insurance Industry Training Advisory Committee (ITAC) which was the key conduit of advice and information between Government and the industry for the implementation of Qualifications Framework.

Going Forward

This year, we are going to dedicate to organizing high-quality seminars to our members. The theme that we are working on is around providing high end financial services to High Net Worth individuals. A few interesting topics and speakers have already been lined up. Some examples are “Premium Financing and How it Works?”; “Financial Underwriting and Health Underwriting for Jumbo-sized Policies”; “The Financial Planning Needs for the HNW Individuals in Mainland China”; “Using an Off-Shore Company and a Trust as Holding Structure for Jumbo-sized Policies”.

In addition to those technical topics mentioned above, we are planning of organizing some social events such as a picnic or a cruise. Hopefully, the hardworking members will take a break from their busy office routines and expand their people networks.